Expand Your Eternal Weekend Experience

The 2019 NA Eternal Weekend Trial Series offer players the opportunity to earn up to 2 byes at the 2019 NA Vintage and Legacy Championship, along with additional prizes (determined by event organizer), all at their local game store!

There will be 2 seasons for Trials. The first runs from March 1st through June 16th and the second is from June 17th through September 30th. Stores have the opportunity to schedule up to 3 Trials during each season. We are not currently accepting applications for any 2019 Trials.

Running A Trial

EW Trials are open to all players and award byes for the appropriate Championship event (Legacy Trials award byes for the NA Legacy Championship while Vintage Trials award byes for the NA Vintage Championship), plus whatever prizes you'd like to add for your players.

EW Trials must be sanctioned Legacy or Vintage Swiss events with a cut to Top 8 (if 9 or more players). Winners are awarded with a 1-Round bye to the appropriate Championship event. Awarded byes are cumulative up to 2 so if a player wins 2 Trials, they'll receive a 2-Round bye. Trials are to be run at a competitive REL, must include decklists, and are to be run with at least a level 1 Magic Judge. A previously scheduled sanctioned event, such as a GPT, PPTQ or FNM, cannot also be ran as an EW Trial.

If you are interested in running your own EW Trial, please send an email to events@cardtitan.com with the sujbect "EW Trial". Please include the following information in your email.

Event organizers will need to send us the winner's information, as well as the final standings and Top 8 decklists. That information will be submitted via Google Forms and instructions on how to do so will be sent via email.

The cost to run an EW Trial is $50, plus shipping ($10.00 for the US, $30 for Canada). In addition to having your store added to the EW Trial calendar on this website, along with a tweet advertising your event, this fee includes an EW Trial Kit (which will be mailed to you approximately a week prior to the event). The kit includes the following:

 - Instructions on how to run and report your event.
 - An envelope with a special letter for the winner.
 - Some Card Titan pens for your players.
 - An assortment of previous Eternal Weekend Tokens.
 - One random playmat from a previous Eternal Weekend as seen below.


2019 NA Eternal Weekend Trial Calendar


2019 NA Legacy Championship Trials

2/23/19 Top Deck Games (Westmont, NJ) Jeremy Fehon
3/9/19 Redcap's Corner (Philadelphia, PA) Jeremy Fehon
3/9/19 Mr Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Chris Perciavalle
3/9/19 ELD's Time Vault Games (Bellingham, MA) Elijah Hannon
3/10/19 Eudemonia (Berkeley, CA) Cyrus Corman-Gill
3/16/19 Curio Cavern (Springfield, VA) David Long
3/16/19 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Corey Baker
3/17/19 Gamers Sanctum (Sparta, WI) James Robertson
3/23/19 Hairy Tarantula (ON, CANADA) Michael Rogers
3/30/19 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) Michael Antrim
3/30/19 Moonbase Market (St. Louis, MO) James Bishop
3/30/19 The Sleek Geeks (Pickerington, OH) David Lance
3/31/19 The Island Games (Centreville, VA) Corey Cooke
4/6/19 Get Some Game (Charlotte, NC) Michael Howe
4/6/19 Alternate Universe (Blue Bell, PA) Billy Mitchell
4/6/19 The Deck Box (NS, CANADA) Brad Perry
4/13/19 Hairy Tarantula (ON, CANADA) Anthony Evangelista
4/13/19 Mr Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Brian Coval
4/13/19 Tabletop Gaming Center (Newington, CT) Brian Popp
4/14/19 Gamers Sanctum (Sparta, WI) CJ Whitehill
5/5/19 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Corey Baker
5/11/19 Top Deck Games (Westmont, NJ) Joe Jenkins
5/11/19 Mr Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Cameron Wisniewski
5/11/19 ELD's Time Vault Games (Bellingham, MA) Sam Best
5/12/19 Prodigy Games (Lake Worth, FL) Eric Schmitt
5/12/19 Eudemonia (Berkeley, CA) Alex Kibner
5/18/19 Infinite Consortium (Sharon, PA) Kyle Rogus
5/18/19 Hairy Tarantula (ON, CANADA) Anthony Evangelista
5/19/19 Gamers Sanctum (Sparta, WI) Jacob Kipp
5/19/19 The Island Games (Centreville, VA) David Long
5/25/19 Millennium Games (Rochester, NY) David Raczka
5/25/19 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) William Miller
6/2/19 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Corey Muniz
6/2/19 Snapcasters Gaming (Phoenix, AZ) Anthony Hair
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Daniel Raymon
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Max Carini
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Jack Kitchen
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Bryan Gottlieb
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 David Fleischmann-Rose
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Robert Wilson
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Sam Lawrence
6/8/19 SCG CON Legacy Top 8 Jonathan Benson
6/8/19 Loot Games and Comics (Coral Springs, FL) Kyle Taylor
6/15/19 ELD's Time Vault Games (Bellingham, MA) Ryan Schumacher
6/15/19 The Collector Store (Saint Peter, MO) John Hamilton
6/22/19 Atomic Empire (Durham, NC) Josh Alexander
6/22/19 Mr Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Tyler Andrews
6/22/19 The Portal Comics & Gaming (Bethlehem, PA) Joe Brennan
6/22/19 Prodigy Games (Lake Worth, FL) Ryan Gnieski
6/29/19 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Kilian Cooley
6/29/19 Hairy Tarantula (ON, CANADA) Lyle Waldman
6/29/19 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) Paul Conlin
7/7/19 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Corey Muniz
7/13/19 Loot Games and Comics (Coral Springs, FL) Kyle Taylor
7/20/19 Mr Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Ben Lucci
7/20/19 The Deck Box (Fletcher, NC) Alex Gideon
7/21/19 Lost Coast Wizards (Fortuna, CA) Jeremiah Jones
7/21/19 Gamers Sanctum (Sparta, WI) Michael Clanin
7/21/19 Geek Fortress (Snohomish, WA) Mike Kiesel
7/27/19 Millennium Games (Rochester, NY) Chris Hand
7/27/19 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) Paul Conlin
7/27/19 Taitan Game Shop (Hopewell, PA) Jesse Campbell
7/27/19 Kaboom Comics 2 (Weslaco, TX) Christian Ybarra
7/28/19 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Bill Schlichting
8/1/19 Jacksonville Game Center (Jacksonville, FL) Alex Lynch
8/1/19 Gen Con 2019 Joe Brennan
8/2/19 Gen Con 2019 Scott Koval
8/2/19 Gen Con 2019 Patrick Vondersaar
8/3/19 Gen Con 2019 Elliot Lusk
8/3/19 Redcap's Corner (Philadelphia, PA) Ian Flinn
8/3/19 Kaboom Comics (McAllen, TX) Merced D Salinas
8/10/19 Fantasy Games (South Bend, IN) Erik Birch
8/10/19 Kaboom Comics 2 (Weslaco, TX) Randy Perez
8/17/19 Hairy Tarantula (ON, CANADA) Boston Schatteman
8/17/19 Rivals Gaming (Elkhart, IN) Travis Cullum
8/17/19 The Bearded Dragon (Morristown, NJ) Roman Fedkowskyj
8/18/19 Geek Fortress (Snohomish, WA) Michael Swailes
8/24/19 Buzz City Games (Concord, NC) Bill Schlichting
8/24/19 Game Inc. (Edinburg, TX) Rocky Gonzalez
8/24/19 Top Deck Games (Westmont, NJ) Daniel Barkon
8/25/19 Infinite Consortium (Sharon, PA) Corey Shehl
8/31/19 Game Inc. (Edinburg, TX) Casey Steiner
8/31/19 Taitan Game Shop (Hopewell, PA) Brian Coval
8/31/19 Eternal Games (Warren, MI) Matt Yee
9/7/19 Hairy Tarantula (ON, CANADA) Matthew Dilks
9/7/19 Millennium Games (Rochester, NY) Kristopher McCready
9/7/19 Tabletop Gaming Center (Newington, CT) Ross Berkowitz
9/15/19 Jacksonville Gaming Center (Jacksonville, FL) Sam Kahla
9/21/19 Alternate Universe (Blue Bell, PA) Nicholas DiJohn
9/21/19 Taitan Game Shop (Hopewell, PA) Ryan Repp
9/26/19 Asgard Games (Houston, TX) Timothy Everett
9/29/19 Scott's Collectibles (Kannapolis, NC) Andrew Vawter
10/13/19 Portland Game Store (Portland, OR) Thomas Berkemeir
10/26/19 Dice City Games (Silver Springs, MD) Brandon Chang


2019 NA Vintage Championship Trials

3/9/19 Madness Comics (Denton, TX) Greggory Allen
3/24/19 Stormbrew Games (Edmond, OK) Brady Iba
3/30/19 Alternate Worlds (Hunt Valley, MD) Marc Frias
4/14/19 Eudemonia (Berkeley, CA) Mark Arce
5/5/19 Madness Comics (Denton, TX) Edward Bonar II
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Daniel Miller
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Justin Franks
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Daniel Sollazzo
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Edward Bonar
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Tyler Klein
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Dustin Buckingham
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Jefferey Krasnozon
6/7/19 SCG CON Vintage Top 8 Joel Lim
6/14/19 Bottom Dollar Trading Cards (Warren, OH) Jason Jaco
7/14/19 Storm Brew Games (Edmond, OK) Nick Boyde
7/21/19 Knight Ware Inc. (Studio City, CA) Justin Franks
7/21/19 Madness Comics (Denton, TX) Greggory Allen
8/1/19 Gen Con 2019 Joe Brennan
8/2/19 Gen Con 2019 Joe Brennan
8/3/19 Gen Con 2019 Raymond Mitchell
8/3/19 The Portal Comics & Gaming (Bethlehem, PA) David Rice
8/10/19 Fantasy Games (South Bend, IN) Charlie Krug
8/17/19 Mr Nice Guy Games (Monroeville, PA) Greg Illig
8/18/19 Madness Comics (Denton, TX) Nick Price
8/24/19 Alternate Worlds (Hunt Valley, MD) Joshura Lalo
8/25/19 Alternate Worlds (Hunt Valley, MD) Ryan Eberhart
9/1/19 Evanston Games (Evanston, IL) Joseph Stacko


2019 NA Eternal Weekend Byes Awarded

Alexander Josh 1 Round 0
Allen Greggory 0 2 Round
Andrews Tyler 1 Round 0
Antrim Michael 1 Round 0
Arce Mark 0 1 Round
Baker Corey 2 Round 0
Barkon Daniel 1 Round 0
Benson Jonathan 1 Round 0
Berkemeir Thomas 1 Round 0
Berkowitz Ross 1 Round 0
Best Sam 1 Round 0
Birch Erik 1 Round 0
Bishop James 1 Round 0
Bonar Edward 0 2 Round
Boyde Nick 0 1 Round
Brennan Joe 2 Round 2 Round
Buckingham Dustin 0 1 Round
Campbell Jesse 1 Round 0
Carini Max 1 Round 0
Chang Brandon 1 Round 0
Clanin Michael 1 Round 0
Conlin Paul 2 Round 0
Cooke Corey 1 Round 0
Cooley Kilian 1 Round 0
Corman-Gill Cyrus 1 Round 0
Coval Brian 2 Round 0
Cullum Travis 1 Round 0
DiJohn Nicholas 1 Round 0
Dilks Matthew 1 Round 0
Eberhart Ryan 0 1 Round
Evangelista Anthony 2 Round 0
Everett Timothy 1 Round 0
Fedkowskyj Roman 1 Round 0
Fehon Jeremy 2 Round 0
Fleischmann-Rose David 1 Round 0
Flinn Ian 1 Round 0
Franks Justin 0 2 Round
Frias Marc 0 1 Round
Gideon Alex 1 Round 0
Gnieski Ryan 1 Round 0
Gonzalez Rocky 1 Round 0
Gottlieb Bryan 1 Round 0
Hair Anthony 1 Round 0
Hamilton John 2 Round 0
Hand Chris 1 Round 0
Hannon Elijah 1 Round 0
Howe Michael 1 Round 0
Iba Brady 0 1 Round
Illig Greg 0 1 Round
Jaco Jason 0 1 Round
Jenkins Joe 1 Round 0
Jones Jeremiah 1 Round 0
Kahla Sam 1 Round 0
Kibner Alex 1 Round 0
Kiesel Mike 1 Round 0
Kipp Jacob 1 Round 0
Kitchen Jack 1 Round 0
Klein Tyler 0 1 Round
Koval Scott 1 Round 0
Krasnozon Jefferey 0 1 Round
Krug Charlie 0 1 Round
Lalo Joshua 0 1 Round
Lance David 1 Round 0
Lawrence Sam 1 Round 0
Lim Joel 0 1 Round
Long David 2 Round 0
Lucci Ben 1 Round 0
Lusk Elliot 1 Round 0
Lynch Alex 1 Round 0
McCready Kristopher 1 Round 0
Miller Daniel 0 1 Round
Miller William 1 Round 0
Mitchell Billy 1 Round 0
Mitchell Raymond 0 1 Round
Muniz Corey 2 Round 0
Perciavalle Chris 1 Round 0
Perez Randy 1 Round 0
Perry Brad 1 Round 0
Popp Brian 1 Round 0
Price Nick 0 1 Round
Raczka David 1 Round 0
Raymon Daniel 1 Round 0
Repp Ryan 1 Round 0
Rice David 1 Round 0
Robertson James 1 Round 0
Rogers Michael 1 Round 0
Rogus Kyle 1 Round 0
Salinas Merced 1 Round 0
Schatteman Boston 1 Round 0
Schlichting Bill 2 Round 0
Schmitt Eric 1 Round 0
Schumacher Ryan 1 Round 0
Shehl Corey 1 Round 0
Sollazzo Daniel 0 1 Round
Stacko Joseph 0 1 Round
Steiner Casey 1 Round 0
Swailes Michael 1 Round 0
Taylor Kyle 2 Round 0
Vawter Andrew 1 Round 0
Vondersaar Patrick 1 Round 0
Waldman Lyle 1 Round 0
Whitehill CJ 1 Round 0
Wilson Robert 1 Round 0
Wisniewski Cameron 1 Round 0
Ybarra Christian 1 Round 0
Yee Matt 1 Round 0

If you've won an Eternal Weekend Trial and do not see your name, or if the number of byes/event is not correct, please email us at events@cardtitan.com.
Please allow 14 days from the date of the Trial for results to appear.